Watering system update

Well, my original plan did not work as well as expected.

The plants water fine but the water storage container and water recycling system is a no go.

The issue I have been getting is that the water picks up so may particles from the soil, tiny bits of dirt, plant matter etc.

When it returns to the storage container it a little mirky, this was manageable until you take into account the grow lights.

The grow lights turned the clear plastic water container into a petri dish, I was actualy cultivating more Algae than I was chillis.

To rectify this  I had to get rid of the clear plastic container, and find a way to water the plants and get rid of any overflow.

I decided to use a plastic dustbin from a local hardware store as the water storage tank. they are cheap, black and come with a lid so the grow lights will not effect the water. It can also hold quite a lot  so I don’t need to refill it often.

I was already using some guttering to catch the overflow from the watering, so it was an easy task to get a gutter stop end outlet to add it on.

I just cut a hole in the floor of the shed just big enough for the stop end outlet to slot into.

Hopefully the watering system update changes will make the system a lot more user friendly and keep the Algae from invading the watering system.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Keith
    I was very tempted to look into adding fish into the system when I first thought of setting the shed up, but I decided not to due to lack of space, I also needed to make sure the shed setup would work first.
    Thanks for the tip on UV lights I will look into them.

    I will probably look into a larger shed in the future.
    Maybe the red hot chilli Shed v2.0 could be setup with Aquaponics.

  2. Borderline hydroponics going on here when you where attempting water recycling, why not go the whole hog and chuck some goldfish they will thrive in the shed temp, mutual beneficial system. as long as you have a UV somewhere in the system that will eliminate your algae issue.

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