Monthly Update 01/09/2020

Monthly update 01/09/2020 My Odroid N2 4GB arrived this month to replace the raspberry pi 3 that was running MQTT and Node Red for the chilli shed. Its is more expensive than the Raspberry Pi 4 but good grief its a fast bit of kit. The main CPU of the N2 is based on big.Little […]

Monthly update 01/08/2020

Monthly update 01/08/2020 Well, a lot has happened this month. Firstly, I made another big mistake this month, the mistake I made was the incorrect ratio of liquid fertiliser to water I mixed together. I miscalculated the ratio of liquid fertiliser to water and caused some damage to the chillis. The symptoms started showing a […]

Automatic Window opener

Automatic window opener Although I live in England the inside of the shed is still getting to hot. Up until now I have been manually opening the windows on the shed to let a little air in. Thats is just too much effort for a lazy gardener like myself. Looking online I found what I […]

Watering System Update

Watering system update Well, my original plan did not work as well as expected. The plants water fine but the water storage container and water recycling system is a no go. The issue I have been getting is that the water picks up so may particles from the soil, tiny bits of dirt, plant matter […]

A Big Mistake

A big mistake I made a big mistake and managed to kill off 3 out of my 4 chilli plants by being a prat. Everything was setup and working fine, they were growing ok,  if a little small. I put the reduced growth down to a lack of sunlight inside the shed so purchased some […]