Monthly update 01/10/2020

I have not made many changes at all this month, the shed was working well apart from one issue where the NodeMCU would get get stuck in an  loop now and again, this would only happen if it was left running for more than a week, I think it may be due to a memory leak in the programming filling up the spare memory over time.

I have now fitted a digital timer plug to the power supply for the NodeMCU and it will restart the system every 24 hours.

This month I was extremely happy to see Rambo has at last started to produce some chilli fruit, I first thought the flower was dying as the petals started to wilt more and more each day, I was wondering if it might be just another flower dropping off, but the stalk stayed attached, it was a few days later I saw that the petals were being pushed outward by something growing behind them.

What is absolutely gutting is the fact the more the chilli fruit grew the more I have come to realise I have been duped, Rambo is not a Carolina Reaper, possibly some a reaper cross or a Moruga scorpion, you live and learn, don’t trust what you read on Amazon, time to find a better supplier.

I have a few more flowers that are wilting and hopefully its the same case with them.

I have taken a fewf pictures of the chilli fruit as it grew as disappointingly I could not find any examples online, Maybe this could be helpful for others as a point of reference.

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