Monthly update 01/09/2020

My Odroid N2 4GB arrived this month to replace the raspberry pi 3 that was running MQTT and Node Red for the chilli shed.

Its is more expensive than the Raspberry Pi 4 but good grief its a fast bit of kit. The main CPU of the N2 is based on big.Little architecture which integrates a quad-core ARM Cortex-A73 CPU cluster and a dual core Cortex-A53 cluster with a new generation Mali-G52 GPU.

It only took an hour to move all the software needed onto the Ondroids 16GB eMMC  and boot it up.

I have relocated the setup to the living room of the house and my intention is to have a small monitor attached to it that displays the gauges for the shed as well as the local wether forecast.

I have made a few more changes to the watering system this month, the system I had setup was not watering all of the pot the plants were in, the system would leave a large dry ring of soil around the inside of the pots, making it hard to maintain and monitor the moisture levels of the soil with the moisture sensor.

I replaced the small water pump I was using with a more powerful fountain pump, and also replaced the tubing with a larger hosepipe and installed a Hoselock sprinkler for each plant.

The chilli plants are growing very well, but I still have a issue with the high temperatures on sunny days, The difference between day time and night time temperatures is too high, chillis plants will drop leaves and flowers if the variation is too much.

The recommended difference is no more than 10c between day and night time temperatures,  on hot days the difference can be as much as 20c variance.

I think my only option is to paint the roof of the shed white to reflect the heat.

Rambo has managed to produce some more flowers this month, I have had quite a few that have dropped off due to the temperature difference between night and day.

It’s has started to get a lot cooler during the days over the past week or so and I hope these flowers that are still attached will produce chillis.

I am using a cotton wool bud to pollinate the chillis manually, The fact they are kept in a shed means they will find it hard to be pollinated by insects or the wind.

Thats all for this month, if anyone has any suggestions or advice please feel free to comment, If you find this blog interesting please share.

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