Monthly update 01/08/2020

Well, a lot has happened this month.

Firstly, I made another big mistake this month, the mistake I made was the incorrect ratio of liquid fertiliser to water I mixed together.

I miscalculated the ratio of liquid fertiliser to water and caused some damage to the chillis.

The symptoms started showing a few days after I had used the fertiliser mix, the chilli plants first started to wilt a little more than normal at night,  then some discolouration appeared on the leaves a couple of days later, the discolouration got quite bad before I realised my mistake and rectified the issue.

It was a friend, Richard Mount that provided me with a link to a website that helped me to spot the issue. has a page dedicated to nutrient deficiencies in pepper plants. The site is an image based page that is easily navigated and lists common deficiencies base on how you plants look.

Looking at the site I worked out I had created an imbalance in my soil and my chillis needed more Phosphorus and Potassium.

To rectify the issue I first over water the chillis on purpose to try to rinse the Chilli Focus out the soil as much as possible.

I then added some used coffee grinds to the soil around the chillis and some crushed up egg shells, a few days later the chillis had perked up a bit.

There is still a little discolouration on the leaves and I doubt this will go, I am just happy I didn’t kill the chilli plants off completely, I am hopeful they with recover fully in the next few weeks.

The other chillis also had a problem but have recovered a lot quicker and fully from the ordeal I put them through.

The use of used coffee grinds and crushed egg shells seems to have helped.

New Blower fans

This month I also received the bigger blower fans I was waiting for. These 12V Blower fans move a considerable amount of air for their size, I Calculated the air volume the fans can produce, and they should be able to replace all the air in the shed in less than 3-4 minutes.

Hopefully they will help keep the shed cool on really hot days.

Moisture sensor

I have been having a bit of trouble with unreliable readings from the moisture sensor, The sensor I was using was the cheapest one I could find at the time, I have now replaced it with a Capacitive moisture sensor witch is a lot more stable and accurate.

Rambo Update

Rambo has done really well since I tried to poison him, he is growing very fast and even has a few flower buds forming. He is still stunted and a lot smaller than he could have been, but I am hopeful that he will continue growing over the winter in the chilli shed.

Hopefully I will still get some Carolina Reaper chilli this year despite my efforts to kill him off.

Plans for the coming month

This month I am going to upgrade the raspberry pi part of the control system.

I have an Odroid N2 4Gb that is on its way, It is a lot more powerful than the Raspberry pi 4, and also a lot quicker, this should also make it more stable.

I am also looking to improve the watering system by using a better pump and sprinkler system.

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