Please note the system is still being tested and setup, At times the system is turned off while I update and perfect the code.

The gauges can take up to 15 seconds to update.


The optimal Temperature for chilli plants is between 18C and 28C, they will be ok with higher or lower temperature but will not thrive. They will start to have problems below 15C and above 35C. 


Chilli plants like humidity but its not critical, Try to keep the humidity between 30 to 70%.

Soil Moisture

I am still trying to find the perfect moisture level but have narrowed it down to between 40 and 60% moisture using my sensor, this does vary with how deep of far from the plant the sensor is inserted in the soil.


Chillis love light the brighter the better, direct sunlight works best, I use a light sensor set at 60% to turn on some grow lights if the light drops lower on cloudy days.