Cooling and Humidity fan

I installed a cooling and humidity fan after running the shed with a basic setup for a while,  I realized the the shed was lovely and warm but the humidity was very low.

The internal temperature and humidity were very much intertwined, as the temperate went up the humidity went down and visa versa, I realized I needed to keep the temperature up, but not too high, and the humidity up at the same time.

With an average humidity of over 60% in England, I decided I had to bring in air from the outside, To achieve this I installed a 120mm PC fan in the corner of the shed, I cut a round hole through the insulation so the fan would pull air from between the shed wall and the insulation itself, the cooling and humidity fan is installed on the side of the shed where the sun never shines at any time of the day, so the air is always cool and humid when it is pulled in.

cooling and humidity fan
cooling and humidity fan

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