I planted a few seeds a couple of weeks ago and they seem to be progressing quite well. The seedlings are only tiny but its a start. Bottom Left and top Left pots are Carolina Reaper, Bottom Right pot is Naga Scorpion, Top Right pot is Trinidad Scorpion Butch T. I should have probably done […]

The Watering System

For the watering system I needed to obviously keep the soil moist and also not soak the floor of the shed. I decided on a water recycling system, this way what ever passed through the soil would return to the water storage container for use again. hopefully meaning I would be able to fill up […]

Cooling and Humidity fan

I installed a cooling and humidity fan after running the shed with a basic setup for a while,  I realized the the shed was lovely and warm but the humidity was very low. I realised the temperature and humidity were very much intertwined, as the one goes up the goes down. With an average humidity […]