Building The Chilli Shed

To build an automated chilli grow house you could use a greenhouse or even a poly tunnel.

I decided to use the very old tatty shed that is in my garden, its full of gaps and holes and is frankly falling apart.

With the help of my son Josh, I stared by installing some windows in the roof to allow a lot more light in.

I say windows but to be honest they were just picture frames with glass instead of the normal plastic.

I found them for £5 at a local shop (The Range).

The next step was to divide the shed into two parts, after all I still need some storage space.

To do this we had to build a partition wall, this would still leave me with three side windows and two roof windows to let in the light during the day.

Being a cheap skate I decided to use some old cardboard boxes to build the wall, not the thin stuff you can get anywhere.

I managed to get some quality laminated cardboard about 1 cm thick that was going to be thrown away at work, In fact I managed to get my hands on enough to line half the shed.

Using some strategically placed 4x2cm strips of wood we built  a doorway in the middle of the shed.

we then lined the inside of the shed with some plastic sheeting to keep out the wind and moisture.

Once the sheeting was stapled up it was time to line the shed with cardboard and complete the partition wall.

To help maintain the temperature inside the grow house and reflect as much light as possible we used some Multi-Layer Foil Insulation to cover the cardboard walls, ceiling and floor.

I built and lined the door in the exact same way as the walls, I allowed a small overlap of the Multi-Layer Foil to provide some draft proofing.

The next thing I needed was electricity to power the shed, I bought some external power cable and ran it from a socket in the outhouse to the shed.

I ran the cable along the fence where it could not be hit with the lawnmower.

After that I installed a 4 way socket inside the shed to power the system.

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