Automatic window opener

Although I live in England the inside of the shed is still getting to hot.

Up until now I have been manually opening the windows on the shed to let a little air in.

Thats is just too much effort for a lazy gardener like myself.

Looking online I found what I needed.

The window opener is quite a simple device but works great, its a large hinge fitted with a piston filled with wax.

When the wax heats up the it expands and moves the piston which opens the window.

The version I have has a nut you can use to adjust the temperature at which it will start opening the window.

They are designed for glass greenhouses but with a little inginuety  I made it work on the shed.

The Build

First of all I needed to make a moveable frame for the windows with hinges.

I took the windows out along with all the wood that was holding them in place.

I then built a new frame making sure there were no gaps, then installed the hinges at the top of the frame  so that the windows can be opened and won’t let rainwater in if we have a summer shower.

You can clearly see I am not a carpenter by any means, I had to add a little wood to the Botton of the frame to add weight to help the window close.

Once I was happy that the window moved freely I Installed the window opener.

The opener itself can be set to start opening the window at a range of 15-30 degrees C,

I set mine to 25 degrees by tightening the nut when the inside if the shed was at 25 Degrees C, this means that if the temperature goes any higher the wax will expand and open the window.

The last thing I needed to do was protect the new frame by giving it a coat of fence stain.

Unfortunately once I had done the frame the rest of the shed looked like crap, so I gave that a coat too,  I think it looks great.

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