Watering System Update

Watering system update Well, my original plan did not work as well as expected. The plants water fine but the water storage container and water recycling system is a no go. The issue I have been getting is that the water picks up so may particles from the soil, tiny bits of dirt, plant matter […]

A Big Mistake

A big mistake I made a big mistake and managed to kill off 3 out of my 4 chilli plants by being a prat. Everything was setup and working fine, they were growing ok,  if a little small. I put the reduced growth down to a lack of sunlight inside the shed so purchased some […]


Seedlings I planted a few seeds a couple of weeks ago and they seem to be progressing quite well. The seedlings are only tiny but its a start. Bottom Left and top Left pots are Carolina Reaper, Bottom Right pot is Naga Scorpion, Top Right pot is Trinidad Scorpion Butch T. I should have probably […]

The Watering System

The watering system For the watering system I needed to obviously keep the soil moist and also not soak the floor of the shed. I decided on a water recycling system, this way what ever passed through the soil would return to the water storage container for use again. hopefully meaning I would be able […]

Cooling and Humidity fan

The cooling and humidity fan I installed a cooling and humidity fan after running the shed with a basic setup for a while,  I realized the the shed was lovely and warm but the humidity was very low. I realised the temperature and humidity were very much intertwined, as the one goes up the goes […]