The Watering System

The Watering System

For the watering system I needed to obviously keep the soil moist and also not soak the floor of the shed,.

I decide on a water recycling system, this way what ever passed through the soil would return to the water storage container for use again.

hopefully meaning I would be able to fill up a container only now and again.

To achieve this watering system I need to lift the trays I was going to use off the floor.

I found some cheap blocks at a local hardware store and I also had a few house bricks hanging around.

I bought some guttering an end stop and a corner piece to complete the trough to send any lost water back to the water container.

The trough was slightly higher than the blocks so I had to add a few bits of wood cutoff I had hanging around to level things up.

I drilled some holes in the trays to line up with the trough below.

This way any water then passed through the soil would drain into the trough then return to the water storage container.

As the trays are black and will absorb heat I decided to cover them in multi layer insulation.

The water itself is supplied by a 12V pump in a container in the corner of the shed, I fitted a clear hose pipe to the pump so I can see the water flow and then fitted garden sprinklers in the hose pipe.

I also fitted a non return valve which should stop the bubbles forming in the tubes and the heads from spitting.

Cooling and Humidity fan

Cooling and Humidity fan

I installed a cooling and humidity fan after running the shed with a basic setup for a while,  I realized the the shed was lovely and warm but the humidity was very low.

I realised the temperature and humidity were very much intertwined, as the one goes up the goes down.

With an average humidity of over 60% in England, I decided I had to bring in air from the outside.

To achieve this I installed a 120mm PC fan in the corner of the shed.

The  fan is installed on the side of the shed where the sun never shines at any time of the day.

It pulls air from between the shed wall and the insulation itself.

This way the air is always cool and humid when it is pulled in.

cooling and humidity fan
cooling and humidity fan